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OAME/AOEM and all of their professional learning opportunities, including the OAME/AOEM Annual Conference, are not funded in any way by the Ministry of Education or any Boards of Education. If further clarification is required, please contact your local federation office.

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Rethinking Fractions

9:00 am - 3:00 pm, Aug 26, 2024
North Bay, Venue: TBD

This will be a dynamic day of learning for K-9 educators led by the Rethinking Fractions authors, Shelley Yearley and Tara Flynn! You will come away with practical strategies and research-tested activities for engaging students in learning about fractions. Learn how to demystify fractions along with precise and powerful representations and language that supports student thinking!

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Conferences accepting Session Proposals:

MAC2 Testing for Future Considerations

Sep 14, 2024 - Sep 14, 2024

TEAMS Mini Conference
Meeting the Needs . . .

4:30 pm - 8:00 pm, Feb 29, 2024
Senator O'Connor CHS, 60 Rowena Dr, Toronto

Join us for the 27th annual TEAMS Conference, with the theme of "Meeting the Needs . . ." We will begin with a keynote address by Anthony Meli and Paul Alves. Dinner, exhibitors and a workshop will follow.

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The OAME Mathematics Conference Information System (MCIS for short) has been developed to provide access to all OAME annual math conferences and chapter mini-conferences. (OAME = Ontario Association for Mathematics Education)

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